The Manual # 1: Adulthood

Giving newsletter a(nother) try.

The Manual # 1: Adulthood

Welcome to the first newsletter!

Technically not. I’ve given this thing a try a couple of times at different times using different platforms and with different titles.

But after watching this video by Ali Abdaal last night, I’m 100% motivated to give this thing another try:

But this time, I’m trying not to force myself into weekly, monthly newsletters but rather “whenever I have something valuable to say” newsletter.


I recently picked up a book named “BUILD” by Tony Fadell. In it, I read some valuable stuff about adulthood that I feel like sharing with you all.

When you’re young, fresh out of college, and you move out of your parents’ house, there’s a window, where the decisions you take are yours alone.

And that include decisions about the subtle things that you had blindly followed parents for up to that point:

  • What type of toothpaste do you use?
  • What kind of toilet paper?
  • Where do you put the silverware?
  • How do you arrange your clothes?
  • What religion do you follow?

That’s exactly when your learning starts.

By doing and failing, you get to experience things that you can’t in a school in a million years.

In fact, you learn more by failing than by succeeding.

And what are the risks involved? You move back with your parents, which is not that bad.

The chances of taking risks of course gets low in your 30-40s when you have a family that depends on your decision making.

But in your 20s, you can risk it all. And the learning you get in your 20s sets you up for the rest of your life!


"School has not prepared you to be successful for the rest of your life. Adulthood is your opportunity to screw up continually until you learn how to screw up a little bit less." — Tony Fadell
"And you can't skip a step—you can't just have the answers handed to you and detour around the hard stuff. Humans learn through productive struggle, by trying it themselves and screwing up and doing it differently next time." — Tony Fadell
"The only failure in your twenties is inaction. The rest is trial and error."  — ANONYMOUS

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